Education Cost in Japan

  Tuition and Fees in Japan  

How expensive is it to study abroad in Japan? Here’s everything you need to know about tuition and fees for international students.

The cost of studying abroad in Japan is significantly lower than in the United Kingdom or the United States, without sacrificing the quality of education. Here’s what you need to know to begin financing your study abroad!

How much does it Cost?

Tuition at Japanese universities depends on what type of university you plan on attending and the programme you are enrolled in. Most students are also required to pay a fee for admission, but this varies by a university as well.

Be sure to check with your programme for the exact amount you will be required to pay!

Public and National Universities

These universities usually charge around ¥540,000 (BDT 410400) for annual tuition and a ¥280,000 (BDT 212800) admission fee for both graduate and undergraduate programmes.

Private Universities

Private universities can, at times, be more expensive than Public or National universities. Tuition often ranges from ¥875,000 to ¥3,700,000 (BDT 665000 to 532000) with an admission fee of ¥235,000 to ¥1,300,000 (BDT 178600 to 988000) for an undergraduate degree.

Graduate degrees cost a little less, ranging from ¥515,000 to ¥1,250,000 (BDT 392000 to 190000) for annual tuition and an admission fee of ¥190,000 to ¥225,000 (BDT 144500 to 171000).

Other costs

Living in a foreign country will come with additional costs. Make sure you leave room in your budget for things like:

 Transportation, both from your home country to Japan (and back!) and within the city you will be living in

 Housing, including rent, water, electricity, wifi, a mobile phone, among other things


 Personal spending


 Additional fees at your university, including things like examination fees and healthcare charges

After reading this article you might realize that studying in Japan is probably more affordable than you think! However, if you’re still concerned about your finances, this article on scholarships for international students is worth checking out. 

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