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 Quality Advice on Quality Education.

 Over 1,000 international students helped each year to gain entry to programs abroad.

 Free advice on a wide range of topics from undergraduate and postgraduate programs, application procedures, visas, scholarships, and many other topics.

 Our Counselors are very careful in selecting students for institutions according to the criteria specified by the respective institutions.

 When an applicant comes, our counselors conduct detailed interview and assessments of the applicant to check his/her eligibility and assess his/her grades and performances in his/her past studies/work.

 We enjoy a very high visa success rate because we accept applicants who are perfect from every aspect.

 To provide the general public with a symbol that the organization with which they are dealing with is recognized as professional, credible, providing quality service and good value.

 The fastest way to determine your Immigration Visa Eligibility.

 A range of Visa Services to suit your Budget and Requirements.

 Dedicated and Experienced Immigration advisors.

 Customer Service Driven:

We are a small organization and pride ourselves in the personal assistance we are able to provide to you, our customers. Organizing and planning to study abroad, migrate or work is no easy task and we will take you through it step by step and prepare you for your experience abroad like no other organization can.

 Affordable, Value Priced Programs:

Our programs are some of the most affordable available and we have numerous scholarship opportunities for students, fast-track programs for families and relevant work permits for professionals to assist you in making study abroad, work and live a reality. In addition, most all of our programs will include “extras” like orientation programs, field trips, and excursions thereby adding more value for the price.

 Program Options to Meet All Needs:

We have a wide array of options available for you from the types of programs, to a variety of destinations, to a nearly unlimited selection of migration. You tell us what you want and there is a very, very good chance that we have it!

 Popular, Stimulating and Safe Locations:

Our program locations are carefully selected to ensure that they are located in popular countries, intellectually challenging, culturally stimulating, and, most importantly, stable and safe.

 Quick Response and Turnaround:

When it comes to application turnaround time, we have the fastest rate in the industry. For a majority of our programs, we will let you know within 48 hours whether or not you have been accepted to our program.

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