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Axiom Education Group is a specialist employer of choice in major cities across Bangladesh. We employ international education specialists as advisers as well as employing marketing, finance, IT and other management professionals. Many of our advisers are former international graduates.
Axiom Education Group is a Pioneer in the field of Overseas Education and is the leader in providing advanced solutions for all your Study Abroad needs.

In a knowledge-intensive sector like ours competencies & skills are constantly changing and therefore, contemporary skills are highly valued. Axiom Education Group educates and trains its personnel in view of this fact and, makes every effort to help its personnel achieve this desired state as well as reach their ambitions.

We are looking out for well-qualified, enthusiastic and dedicated personnel, who enjoy the challenge of working within a dynamic organization with a client-oriented, open culture; and are actively recruiting people to support the growth of our international operations.

Go Beyond Traditional Careers and Build Your Dreams with Us

How To Apply:

All applicants should fill out the below survey which also allows you to attach your resume.

All openings will be available in Vacant Positions. Review the openings and apply to the positions best suited to your interests and skills.

To understand the specific requirements for any position, please review the Job Description by clicking on the Job Link.

Before starting your application, have your Resume/ CV ready for uploading. Step-by-Step Instructions for application are available on each page.

Make sure you fill in all details of personal, education; career, training, extra-curricular activities and any other skills that you feel would enhance your chances to be a part of our family. Once you complete filling in all the details, you will be able to review your information before submission.

Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed and assessed. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Best of Luck!

At Axiom, we believe in working hard, failing fast and learning every second. We are constantly exploring ways of making our customers’ life simple and empowered.

We are a family of youthful and diverse risk-takers and challengers who are solving global problems through transformation and disruption.

We are what our teams and customers are- the number one in the industry, and the greatest way we reward them is through the opportunity to Go Beyond in developing a nation through connectivity.

Our Values Drive Our Behavior

We are committed to a set of corporate values that underline our brand promise to students that they will be ‘better placed’ with Axiom Education. These values are expressed through the behavior we expect our staff to model to our customers and stakeholders.


Has, and continually seeks to develop, the right skills to deliver the best solutions to business problems, which means that Axiom employees will always have the capabilities they need to effectively meet the needs of students and clients.


Contributes to strong morale and spirit among his/her team and works in the context of the broader good of the community, which means that staff is focused on meeting each individual student’s needs while being aware of the impact of their behavior and actions on the community.


Is committed to continual improvement and both identifies and acts on opportunities to do things better, which means we will continually enhance systems and knowledge tools to ensure that all information we provide is thorough and up-to-date and that our processes are clear, effective and well communicated.


Takes full responsibility for own actions, being frank and fearless with the truth and making no excuses, which means that we will do what we say we will and be clear in communicating the outcomes, be they positive or negative.


Demonstrates genuine empathy in dealing with colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders. This value is the most important of all because it means that we will treat you respectfully as an individual and be responsive to your unique needs and aspirations.

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