Want to study in Australia? We’re not surprised! It’s one of the world’s most popular study destinations, and it’s not difficult to understand why…

What comes to mind when you think of Australia? Sandy beaches and a deep azure ocean, cold cans of lager, and barbecues? Perhaps you might add some weird and wonderful creatures (amongst which more than a few are poisonous enough to kill you), miles upon miles of unpeopled wilderness, and an almost maniacal love of sport.

There is a large element of truth to these common suppositions. Australia does boast two beaches known as the Eighty Mile Beach and Ninety Mile Beach (and 10,683 other smaller beaches on its mainland alone), Australians – particularly students – do enjoy a drink on the weekend, and the warm weather does indeed lend itself to the outdoor preparation of food. But this by no means an entire portrait of the country – for one thing, it misses out any mention of Australia’s impressive higher education system.

Get ready for all the important information you need to make a decision about the study abroad in Australia! Click on the tabs below to find out about the top universities & colleges for Diploma, undergraduate & postgraduate programs in Australia and practical information on applications, admissions, fees, scholarships, visas, local life and more….


Study Matters Australia Axiom

In order to apply for a Student Visa, you will need to meet the following requirements:

Why study in Australia Axiom

Studying in Australia is a great way to experience the unique Aussie lifestyle while gaining great new skills.

Why apply with Axiom Commont Banar


Australia has an integrated nationwide system of qualifications, known as the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) and it is recognized by the Australian Government.

HOW TO APPLY STUDY IN Australia By Axiom

Step by Step Guide to Apply Australia



How much does it cost to study in Australia? If you are interested in studying in Australia, one of the most important things to consider is how much everything is going to cost.

Scolarship Australia Axiom

There are many scholarships, grants, and bursaries which can help support you financially with your studies in Australia. They are offered by the Australian Government, education institutions, and a number of other public and private organisations.

Accomodation Australia Axiom

Australia has a large range of accommodation options available to international students. With choices ranging from university accommodation or homestay to self-catered apartments or share houses, there’s an option to suit every personality and budget.


Australian Industries work side to encourage and endure the economic activity. The national income comes from industries like Education, Agriculture, Finance, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Construction, Business services, Technology, Tourism etc.

Bringing-your-SPOUSE-DEPENDENT-in-countryt Axiom

Members of a student’s immediate family (spouse, unmarried dependent children under 18 years of age) may accompany them to study in Australia on a Dependents Visa.


Living in Australia can be an amazing experience. Although it is the sixth largest country in the world at over 3 million square miles, it is only home to 21 million people, which ensures that natural beauty dominates over suburban landscapes (especially out of the main cities).

Recent changes to Australian student visas

Axiom has been sending students to Australia and other countries for 16 years. Axiom International has trained counselors. They have the experience and expertise to assist students. Our office provides students with the following assessments –

 FREE counseling and information on various courses and institutions.

 Application Forms, Brochures, Guides etc.

 Admission Assistance.

 Visa Counseling.

 Travel and accommodation arrangement.

 Procuring Residential Facilities with Bangladesh for students going abroad.

 Insurance, Bank A/c in Australia, Student Loan, Flight ticket Booking and other necessary facilities.

Yes, as the Australian Government recognizes Bangladesh Universities so credit transfers are possible. However for this, the students are required to submit their course syllabus to the institution and it can take minimum of 6 months for credits to be granted.

Australian Universities are recognized worldwide. The reason why Australian Universities do not insist upon students going for a GMAT or GRE  because these exams are for American Universities so students have to give these tests to be judged by American Standards. Australia and Bangladesh recognizes each other’s degrees. However it may be asked by some Universities to assess the overall ability of the student.

The average time taken by the Australian High Commission for the visa procedure is anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks depending on the individual’s background, so the students needs to apply for their visa’s at least 3 months prior to their course commencement.

One cannot rate universities in Australia as there are numerous universities and all are regulated under the Vice Chancellors Committee, which follow the code of ethics. Students generally follow the market trends like MBA or BBA, MIT etc., but it would be unfair to judge universities as one can only compare the course structure and faculty.

With effect from 1st September, 2007 all students who have completed 2 years of study in Australia can get a Skilled Graduate Visa, whereby they can work for up to 18 months.

Currently, a student needs to cover up to 120 points to become eligible for the PR, This points can be obtained by a combination of the following course, age, English language proficiency, duration of the study in Australia, studying in a regional area, working part-time. For further details and to test your points, visit the following website:

The average starting salary that you can earn is between a$ 2500 to a$ 4000 per month.

Yes, IELTS is a mandatory for visa requirement.

Spouse / dependent of a Student – Visa holder in Australia gets a Dependent Visa and a valid work permit for the same duration as the primary applicant. This is applicable for Master’s degree application.

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