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  Why Collaborate with AXIOM?  

 Axiom Education Group is a highly reputable and ethical company and a country leader in international student placement. We understand the different markets and cultures in more than 7 cities where we have student placement offices.

 At Axiom Education Group, we work in partnership with client institutions across all education sectors, from secondary schools to universities, to recruit international students who want to study in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Malaysia, and China. By understanding an individual client’s goals, we help to position them to their best advantage in an increasingly competitive international environment.

 In addition to student placement, Axiom Education Group provides the following services:

 Conduct counseling sessions in selected local educational institutions including English Medium Schools, local Colleges, and Universities.

 Opportunities to participate in Axiom Education Group student exhibitions and promotional events around the territory.

  Student Exhibitions and Seminars  

 Axiom Education Group regularly holds exhibitions, seminars and interview programs throughout its network, where students have the opportunity to meet with institution representatives.

 Students and their parents can spend time discussing entry requirements, course details, recognition of awards, career opportunities, institution facilities, and related student support services.

 Axiom Education Group has 100 qualified student counselors who work individually with students to advise them on the right education choice to achieve their career goals. This means that information about your institution is delivered face-to-face to prospective students.

 In addition, we provide support and advisory services to our institutional clients through our international network of more than 25 student placement centers.

  Services for Partner Institutions  

 Client Relations Managers to act as liaison points for clients in monitoring student trends, market insight and advising on potential opportunities.

 Support for in-country visits, including promotions and administration, Interview individual students, seminars, accommodation or any other activity on behalf of University.

 Promotion of scholarship opportunities

 Handle and respond to online, telephonic and walk-in inquiries.

 Strategic marketing plans and implementation

 Advertising placement and advice – outdoor, digital, social media and print media

 Offshore translation, printing, mailing and distribution of market specific promotional materials and brochures

 Attend Educational Fairs & Exhibitions

 Filter out non-potential students to focus on potential students.

 Close liaison with agencies such as BC, Government Ministries, Embassies and others.

 Help set up links with credible local institutions for progression agreements, MOU’s such as 1+2 or 2+2 (UG) etc. and set up Research links.

 Establishment and management of alumni chapters

 Coordination of services for offshore distance education providers, including student services, distribution of materials, assignment tracking and arrangements for tutorials and examinations.

 Provide regular feedback on the market trends, changes, and intelligence that may be of benefit to the Universities.

 Updates via client newsletter

 Operational updates

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