Pre-Departure Briefing & Travel Arrangement


Before you begin your ABROAD studies, there is a lot to think about and prepare – but help is at hand.


 Your campus placement

 Your visa documentation

 Your insurance

 Your flight information

 Any changes in your health between the time of application and departure to the ABROAD.

 Send them a copy of your signed placement letter.

 Send a Personal letter.

 Send any additional information the camp may request.

 Make two photocopies of all your documents. Pack them in two separate bags, just in case one gets lost.

 Buy U.S. dollar traveler’s checks or an international pre-paid debit card.

 If you have a bank card, make sure it works in ABROAD. You should check with your bank before you leave home to find out about any international fees or service charges that might apply if you use your card in ABROAD

 Pack according to the list contained in this book or the list provided by your camp.

 Say goodbye to your friends and family and tell them to stay in touch.

 Practice speaking English every day!


The Axiom Pre-departure briefings are the most comprehensive session that no student should miss prior to leaving Bangladesh. It provides an opportunity to meet other students and their parents who are heading abroad and possibly to the same university.

Axiom hosts pre-departure briefings throughout the year to help prepare you for student life in your new country. The Pre-departure briefings provide an insight to the various part of the student life that the students are to witness on foreign land.


 Ticketing, foreign exchange, travel insurance, opening a bank account and international calling cards.

 Student life in your new country

 Adapting to the culture

 How to deal with homesickness.

 Accommodation: How to arrange it and what to expect

You will also have the opportunity to network with other students, including alumni, current students, and future classmates.

We take care of booking flights well in advance to allow ideal departure dates; routes and also best discounts. We help you identify the right airline for excess baggage schemes. Several International Airlines offer special schemes for students & our counselors can help you with this information.

Our Tie-ups with reputed Forex dealers ensures that our students get competitive exchange rates and prompt services.

We help you with Demand Drafts, Travelling Cheques, International Debit Cards, Wire Transfers & Currency Notes & ensure that you inform your counselor to help you get the best exchange rate.

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