Why Study in Japan?

  Fascinating Study in Japan?  

Japanese people are known to have a sober nature and attach importance to discipline. In Japan, the hospitality, which is a spirit of caring about the guest with the highest priority, is deeply rooted and international students are welcomed warmly.

With an international student population of just over 200,000 and a plan to add nearly 100,000 more by 2020, Japan is a hotbed for foreigners looking to gain an education. In 2015, Japan saw a 13% increase in international students and a 25% jump in the language travel industry. Basically, students are flocking to Japan. Here’s why…

Find out why the ‘land of the rising sun’ could be the perfect study destination for you

 World’s  Leading  Science and Technology

Japan has been offering many products using the state-of-art science, technology, and medicine to the world, including electric vehicles, digital cameras, optical fibers, and the artificial heart. Instant noodles, which have changed the dietary life of the world, and Karaoke are also the innovation of Japanese origin.

The culture to use innovative ideas and come up with creative products is rooted in Japan. Japanese schools focus not only on academic achievements but also on the development of human quality. This aspect of Japanese schools is highly appreciated by international students who think the studying experience in Japan helps them after they start working. You can learn about the world’s leading science, technology and medicine, etc.

 High Academic Standards and Attractive Programs

Japan provides the world with some of the best universities – because of the national focus on education. Japanese scientists have been awarded Nobel Prizes in Physics, Physiology or Medicine, and Chemistry. Therefore, you can learn cutting-edge science and technology in Japan. You can study not only law, economics, science and engineering, but also the environment, information, disaster prevention, tourism, and pastry making, through to pop cultures such as manga, anime, games, fashion, and many other fields. Many courses are taught or partially taught in English, making Japan more accessible to those that cannot speak Japanese. With the growing value of international programming, you will have a ton of opportunities to find exactly what you want in Japan.

 Enables you to Seek Employment in Japan

Recently, more and more international students work in Japanese companies after graduation. Due to the efforts to bring foreign students to Japan, companies are looking to hire international students after graduation. Companies especially want for Engineering, Information Technology, Investment Banking, and Education graduates, but as Japan is attempting to push further into the global market more and more opportunities to live and work for a Japanese company in other parts of the world are also appearing. Overall, Japan offers loads of opportunities to international students like you looking for a future job!

 Well-developed Financial Support for International Students

Tuition fees are comparatively low in Japan. The Japanese government has also attempted to make studying in Japan easier by providing a wide range of scholarships additional financial support to international students. Two government agencies, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) provide students with a number of grant and scholarship opportunities for universities all over Japan. Check out Furthermore, about Japanese scholarships and grants.

 Quality of Life

Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. Japan is known as a good place to live with its low crime rate. The public transportation system in Japan boasts of its on-time departure and arrival and helps you reach the destination safely and securely. With a well-established health insurance system, you can receive advanced medical care when you fall ill just with a small amount of payment. Conductive living environment, safe and secure infrastructures with the beautiful landscape of this island nation make the land of the rising sun a wonderful place to study and explore.

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