Few Important Steps While Planning to Study Abroad

Students who wish to go abroad for higher studies must know these few steps while planning it. We at Axiom always recommend you to know each and every relevant information before hand as this could be really a turning point of your life.

Few Relevant and Important Steps are as Under

Study Abroad If you are planning to study in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Malaysia, Japan, China or any other destination and you have completed 12th or Graduation and also have required academic English level, the first step is to get in touch with your reliable education consultant Axiom.

We will give you a list of all the courses available in your subject. Just tell us what you want to study, and at what level. If there’s anything on your wish list, this is the time to let us know about it. Are you interested in a particular university? Do you want to be in a specific place? Let us know! Find more our Academic & Carrier Planning

We will send you a list of courses to consider. This will include links to each course’s content and structure, as well as their tuition fees, entry requirements, application deadlines and any other key information. Please go through the list carefully; let us know if you want any of the prospectuses. We offer a free, expert, and friendly advice, so call us, email us, or come to the office to talk through your options. Our Expert will always be available to help you. Find more our Institute & Course Selection

Once you’ve decided which university or college to apply to, Our admission officer will guide and help you on each and every step. He or she will check to make sure that everything is correct and complete, and sight and certify your documents before sending to college or University for admission. Find more our Application & Admission Process

If you’ve been offered a place, you will get admission offer letter from college. After that there can be different steps for different countries. Team Axiom will guide you for all required steps to prepare your visa application. You may need to prepare for interview but it’s not mandatory. Find more our VISA Support

Once you’ve accepted your place and your visa application is approved, Axiom offers help and advice with sorting out suitable student accommodation, booking travel, opening a bank account and anything else you need to sort out. Find more our Pre-Departure Briefing & Travel Arrangement

A: Early planning is the key to successful study abroad. In order to find the program that is the
right “fit” for your personal and academic objectives, you should begin planning your study abroad process as early as you can.

A: That is precisely what most students ask today.
We help you understand the benefits of all and help you decide what meets your objectives the best. Visit our Education Advisors for this.

A: The Education Advisors at Axiom have been specifically trained to match your needs and academics to the optimal institution for you.

A: It is country specific. The application process ranges from 1- 12 months. It is recommended that you submit your application as soon as you can. If you send your documents well before the deadlines, it can only benefit you. You will have better chances of getting admission as well as get priority for housing and even Scholarships/Aid.

A: With Axiom, you can do that conveniently. We counsel for 14 countries and around 300 institutions. We suggest that you apply to more than one country and more than one university.

A: Admissions in MBA in most of the countries are possible if you have 15 years of education.
Some countries, universities insist on 16 years of education and / or work experience. Our counselors are best equipped to answer your specific queries. Axiom represents institutions in USA and Canada that accept 15 years for MBA Program.

A: You can easily achieve your dream of Studying Abroad even if you have limited funds.
Scholarship can be an important part of your overall funding strategy. We at Axiom provide you the opportunity to avail of an Scholarship that covers all aspects of higher education including college fees, cost of books & accommodation.

If you need help with anything, at any point, just ask and drop email at info@studyabroadonline.com

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