Why Study in South Korea

High life satisfaction reported by international students

With Korea noted as one of the safest countries in the world to study in, the number of international students continues to increase every year. In particular, postgraduate students have risen steadily over the past 5 years. Many Korean universities support scholarship programs for graduate degrees and assist in finding job opportunities in Korean companies and academic positions at universities after graduation.

Korea ranked 1st for ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) development among 152 countries surveyed.

“South Korea will become one of Asia’s leading powers. Its per capita GDP should double between the present and 2025; it will be the new economic and cultural model, and will impress the world with its technologies and cultural energy.”

“South Korea relies heavily on industry-leading companies like Samsung Electronics Co., LG Electronics Co., and Hyundai Motor Co. for its economic output and its international business image. In the short term, Korea’s heavy industries are booming, riding the tide of China’s rise”

What contributes to the high levels of satisfaction among international students stud Korea?

In a recent survey regarding satisfaction which targeted 300 international students residing in Korea. about 90% of students reported satisfaction with living in Korea and 86% of students were satisfied with the education system in Korea.

What are the good points for living in Korea?

1) The comfortable and safe transportation system, residential environment.

2) Various cultural activities.

3) Socializing with people of different nationalities.

4) Great Korean food.

5) Good environments and educational quality for studying.

6) Great weather and nature.

7) High standard of living.

Employment and career development and support for international students

– International students enrolled in regular degree courses or language course can apply for permission

to participate in additional part-time activities and work.

– Annual job fair for international students held each year by the government

– An online employment support system, including online resume postings and information about job opportunities

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