Student Accomodation in Norway

It will always be a challenge arriving in a new country to live and study. There are many practicalities to take care of. Fortunately, Norway is a transparent and well-organized society, and the Norwegian institutions will do their best to ease the transition for you to become a student in Norway.

The living standard is generally high – even for students, making the Study in Norway experience generally a comfortable one. Most Norwegians wish to own an apartment or a house, but for students, it is more common to rent. Most people own a car, but students generally use public transport – which is relatively well developed in the major cities.

As a consequence of environmental issues, Norwegians have recently tended towards owning only one car per household. In cities, increasing numbers of people choose to subscribe to car sharing services instead of owning their own car. Taxis are expensive.

Even though education is free in Norway by law, living cost in Norway is quite expensive in comparison to other popular studies abroad destinations. It depends upon the living standard of student how much will it cost to live in Norway. But most of the international students feel it too high to afford goods and services in Norway. It costs at least Norwegian Krone (NOK) 8000, i.e. around US Dollar (USD) 1300 per month to maintain the basic living standard in Norway for foreign students.

Cost of living

The estimated expenses for services in Norway are:

Service Cost per Month in NOK
Food 2500
Accommodation 1500
Transport 500
Communication 450
Books and Supplies 900
Insurance and Health Care 350
Clothing 550
Entertainment 100
Other Expenses 1150

International Students under the age of 30 and with a Valid Student Identity (ID) card are entitled to get reduced fares on public transports. The Student ID card also helps a foreign student to get certain discounts on theatre, museum and opera tickets. University restaurants and cafeteria also provides foods to international students on the subsidized rate. However, if the student manages to cook themselves, then they can expect more savings or fewer expenses on cafeterias.

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