Study Matters in Canada

Applying to study in Canada as an international student

In Canada, each province and territory is in charge of its own education system. Get more information about schools and the education system by contacting Axiom. We can help you to choose the study program, select School, Admission, Visa, Travel & accommodation. Choosing a program and school

Learn what you need to know before you apply.

● Intakes
International students are expected to start preparing for their studies in Canada 1 year in advance. The major intake for Canada primarily is ‘Fall’ i.e. September. The other intake is in the month of ‘Winter’ i.e. January, but it depends on the student’s program and the institution that he/she is applying to. Very few institutes might have the May intake as well.

● Primary and secondary schools:
Schools that teach students up to the grade 12 level are known as primary and secondary schools. Primary usually means grades 1 to 8 and secondary usually means grades 9 to 12. All primary and secondary schools in Canada can enroll international students.

● Post-secondary schools (universities, colleges, vocational schools, CEGEPs)
Post-secondary schools are
◆ colleges
◆ universities
◆ private career colleges
◆ vocational and technical schools
Each post-secondary school has its own set of rules on how to apply, including the level of English or French you need to be accepted.

● Study permit
If the school admits you as a student, they will send you an acceptance letter. You need this letter to apply for a study permit.If you apply for a study permit and your letter of acceptance is from an institution that is not a designated institution for international students, your application will be refused.

● When & how to apply to a school:
If you want to choose a school, college, or university, you may apply with Axiom. Remember every school has different rules to apply.

● Make sure you apply at least 6 months in advance if you want to study at a primary or secondary school
● 1 year in advance for a post-secondary program at a university, college, etc.
Contact the Axiom where you want to study to learn how to apply. We’ll give you the list of all the documents you need to send them. We’ll also be able to tell you about
∆ the cost to apply
∆ tuition fees
∆ health insurance
∆ rent and how much it costs to live in Canada
Step by step guide apply to study in Canada

● English Language Requirements:
All students must be fluent in English if they are applying to Canadian Institutes. International students need to reach the required level of English language competence. All students should take up the IELTS or TOEFL (ibt) exams. An IELTS band of 6.0/6.5 for Undergraduate & 6.5/7 for Postgraduate courses or a TOEFL score of 80 and above for Undergraduate and 90 and above for Post Graduate courses is desirable.

Fill out the application forms for getting information about your study in Canada.

∆ Health insurance:
The Government of Canada does not pay for the medical costs of foreign students. Health coverage for foreign students varies between provinces. Contact the Axiom to receive more information about medical coverage and health insurance.

We focus on helping students reach their full potential and succeed in their chosen career paths even after they graduate. Students who study abroad are often afraid that they may not be able to pick up the language, get around the town easily, or adapt to the learning setting they are placed in.

We are open to communication and ready to clarify any information about your study in Canada according to your wishes. Feel free to ask any questions.

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