Scholarships to study in Australia

There are many scholarships, grants, and bursaries which can help support you financially with your studies in Australia. They are offered by the Australian Government, education institutions, and a number of other public and private organizations. You can use the search tool available on every page of this site to find scholarships, along with contact details for the institution providing the scholarship.

All applications and inquiries for scholarships are made through the scholarship provider.

Here is information about some of the major scholarships programs available for international students:

 Australia Awards– The Australia Awards aim to promote knowledge, education links, and enduring ties between Australia and our neighbor’s through Australia’s extensive scholarship programs. The program brings together scholarships offered by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT), the Department of Education and the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR). Read more about Australia Awards and Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

 International Postgraduate Research Scholarships– The International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) program focuses on improving the quality of Australian research. If you already have a graduate qualification, an IPRS scholarship lets you study in Australia with some of the best researchers in your field. You can read more about these scholarships at the Department of Education  Or to search for the scholarships, use the search tool on this website.

 JASON (Joint academic scholarships online network)– JASON is a postgraduate scholarship search engine. Scholarships in the database apply to Australian students wishing to study at home or abroad, and to international students wishing to study in Australia. You can find out more on the JASON website.

Who can apply for a scholarship?

All scholarships listed on our website are available to international students. Many are available to students of all nationalities, however, all scholarships conditions are set by the institution or organization offering the scholarship and applications have to be done directly with the scholarship provider. To find out if you are eligible to receive a scholarship you must contact the organization offering the scholarship.

What is financial support available?

There are scholarships and grants available for international students, but they are limited. They have tended to be offered to postgraduate students rather than undergraduate students – although this imbalance is slowly shifting. Most are based on academic merit rather than financial need.

Most scholarships are offered directly by the universities themselves, and these will be listed on their websites.

There are several well-established scholarship programmes available for international students: the Australia Awards, which is funded by the Australian government and covers full tuition fees, travel expenses, and some living costs; the APEC Women in Research Fellowship Program, offering financial support to female researchers from developing APEC economies who plan to pursue a research programme, which partners with Australian universities; and the Endeavour Postgraduate Awards, offering support to international students enrolling in an MA or Ph.D. degree.

An ISIC card is well worth applying for as a student, as living costs and entertainment options are expensive in Australia. The card, which is internationally recognized proof of your student status, costs $30 (BDT 1,966) and offers 20% percent off at restaurants and cafes, cinema tickets from $11.50(BDT 753), 5 percent off groceries, fuel and 40 percent off international airfares.

Axiom educational advisor will be on hand to provide you with funding resources and further scholarship information. You could also download our complete guide on how to find scholarships to study abroad. To meet your personal Axiom Education Advisor, Contact Axiom Dhaka Office or send an inquiry:


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