Student Admission Officer


Axiom Education Group is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Student Admission Officer

Job Responsibilities

A student Admission Officer plays a vital role in any of the educational institutions and their job does not involve directly with teaching, but giving advice and providing guidance to the students about their personal or academic life.

 A student Admission officer is responsible for guiding the students regarding their career decisions and helping them understands their potential and provides help to pursue their goals.

 Helping the students understand their skill sets and provide ways to utilize it.

 Providing information about the various colleges and universities and advising them about various requirements.

 Advising the students on their personal problems and helps them to resolve it.

 Maintain records of the student at all times.

 Arrange a periodic follow-up of the students.

 Communicate with parents regarding student problems and future planning.

 Provide students with accurate information and assist the student in achieving their goals.

 Meet, greet and assist politely and in a professional manner.

 Must have good communication skill.

 Good interpersonal skills

 Must be a very good listener

 Respect all the clients with equal vision and respect their comments

 Must be honest, sincere to his job.


Educational Requirements:

 Bachelor degree in any discipline

 Degree from foreign University will get Priority.


Essential qualifications, skills, and experience 

As a customer-facing member of staff, the job holder will need:

  1. Excellent communication skills and be able to deal with distressing situations in a sensitive manner and with empathy.
  2. Excellent all-around communication skills to manage customer expectations and deliver difficult messages;
  3. Excellent customer service skills – ability to respond to a range of customer needs and cultivate strong relationships with customers and stakeholders.
  4. Calmness under pressure;
  5. Ability to research and follow guidelines, and to plan and prioritize effectively;
  6. Ability to work well with others – to build and maintain relationships with customers and stakeholders;
  7. Strong problem-solving skills using own judgment;
  8. Ability to respond quickly to changing priorities, sometimes in pressurized environments;
  9. Prepared to react positively to change and ready to try new ways of working;
  10. Excellent IT and numeracy skills, good knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook is essential;
  11. Fluent in English.


Employment Status:

Full-time & Contractual

Compensation & other benefits:

Mobile bill, Performance Bonus

Festival Bonus: 2 (Yearly)

If you wish to apply for this post, please complete and return the online application and demonstrating the relevant skills for the role.


    If you have any questions drop the team an e-mail on or just pop into one of the offices for a chat.

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